What was going through your head when you shot this self-portrait?

I thought my beard looked good and I was getting ready to shave it and I wanted to record it.

How often do you feel this sort of inspiration?

I don’t know.  Not that often.  I haven’t done that many self-portraits.

Are you happy with this piece?

Yeah, I think it’s an interesting picture.

How do you feel about the “mean look”?

I didn’t mean for it to look angry, but I definitely wanted it to be serious.  I like it, but I didn’t really intend it.

Switching gears here, what was the best show you saw this year?

Damian Hirst at the MCA.  Just how it was all perfect.  It was disturbing and intriguing.  It had a real soft quality to it.

Soft, conceptually or visually?

Visually.  The bull hair looked soft, like a cat.

I know that you are more inclined toward the musical arts than visual.  Do you feel there are any connections between music you are listening to and the Hirst work?

Maybe Genesis P-Orrige and his old Phychic TV work.

Five current favorite records?

1. Hope Sandoval

2. Lovetones

3. Clem Snide

4. Dead Mellowtron

5.  Yo La Tengo

Do you ever get visual images when you listen to music?

Definitely.  It’s more like a soundtrack to normal activities.  It’s more like it creates a mood.

I know you really like Jenny’s (Morgan) paintings.  Are you drawn to portraiture?

Yes, Mapplethorpe is intriguing.  Some portraiture can be great, but some is boring.

What makes a good one?

There has to be some mystery.  Something has to be off about it.

Back to your self-portrait.  Does that type of inspiration normally come to you when you see something interesting or is it more random.  Do you work at it?

It wasn’t even supposed to be a piece of art.

I’m intrigued by that because it is one.

You could say that about any picture like those awful wind turbine pictures (also at the MCA).  Maybe the only difference is quality of equipment.

Lastly, does your eye come from you or from growing up in an artistic household?  Is it nature or nurture?

Both.  Maybe I was born with it and then it developed by growing up around so much art.

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