“Crimson and Clover Over and Over, Teeter Totter Bread and Water, Ring Around the Rosie Pocket Full of Posies”

I have always admired the rhyme and simple poetics from childhood such as these.  As non-rational as they may be, they are simple, and classic in their absurdity.  When Katie Taft posed the challenge of an interview for this exhibition, there were many ideas that came to mind, and at the same time nothing at all.  The true nature of the Curatorial premise was a simple suggestion to create a work based on someone whom has had an impact on your life, however with personal reflection the topic can be very challenging.

So I began to think of those who had this kind of impact in my life, and I chose to look at the people who are in my life now.  Currently, my room mate is an amateur Wrestler, and at a certain point after we were finished watching some of his matches on DVD one evening, the program titled “Toddlers and Tiaras” happened to be on TV .  As my life is full of coincidence I decided to investigate these options together.  I found each sport to be so similar, that I very much discovered some enlightening (and rather unexpected) research that ultimately led me to this project.

It began with the symbols of wrestling, and pageantry.  So I found a hand knit luche libre mask (and am using it purely for its oddity), and replica of the tiara worn by a young Shirley Temple (America’s classic princess) from “Little Miss Broadway”.  These items set forth a series of questions which started a fascination with the study of both high glitz mid 1980’s wrestling, and the current fascination with childhood high glitz pageantry.

I have thus chosen to present a photographic back drop with the oddity of the objects, as a running stream of consciousness type of dialogue between the ultimate KING of wrestling form the 1980’s- MACHOMAN Randy Savage,  and the little girls involved in the Toddlers and Tiaras series featured on TV (both ultimate reality shows of their day by the way).  The information gathered came from approximately 10 minutes of “interview”  after watching hours of each respective “entertainment” sport.  As any artist embarking on such a project might, I have found that I have become unduely fascinated with each sport respectively, and am now a big fan of both.  Tiaras, and WWE have started to creep into my life like the river that flows onto a dry delta plain.

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