TITLE: interview with james ferraro

DESCRIPTION: a virtual, non-linear interview (via audio installation)

with Hypnagogic Pop musician James Ferraro.

NOTES: the questions are my own. the answers were sourced from various

interviews and quotes found online. the text was then converted to

speech, wherein i myself then manipulated said audio to transpose on

top of selected music from ferraro’s extensive catalog. the interview

itself is an abstract representation/remix surrounding the essence of

ferraro’s work, soul and vibrational circumference within the



Q1. what is your main motivation for creating music?

A1. press #1 on pad

Q2. do you view your music as important?

A2. press #2 on pad

Q3. how would you describe the typical james ferraro album to someone?

A3. press #3 on pad

Q4. do you live your music? is it a strong part of who you are?

A4. press #4 on pad

Q5. what emotional feeling do you want people to derive from listening

to your music?

A5. press #5 on pad

Q6. do you have any goals?

A6. press #6 on pad

Q7. what is your top priority when making music?

A7. press #7 on pad

Q8. is there an underlying philosophy you adhere to?

A8. press #8 on pad

DISPLAY: work will be presented on a white podium with a small,

concealed audio device along with headphones for private listening.

the audio installation is interactive, allowing the user to read the

questions while following instructions to listen to the answers;

further encouraging the remixing of said interview over and over again

without limitation.

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